Professional saxophones or full horn sections recorded for your music quickly, easily and remotely.

People I have worked with.

My name is Leroy Horns, I'm a saxophonist,composer and producer, and have been helping artists and producers realise their horn ideas for more than 20 years. A live horn section makes a big impact to a track but people tell me it's not always possible to achieve due to lack of time, money, a studio or professional musicians.


My aim is to provide great quality horn recordings quickly and easily that are perfect for your track.


I have my own studio where I've put the knowledge gained from working with producers like Prince Fatty and Nick Manasseh into getting great sounding horn recordings. From single sax to three piece horns with over dubs, we'll be able to decide on the sound that will best suit your track.

I've provided horns for many commercial releases, both reggae and otherwise, for the likes of Roots Garden, The Magic Numbers, Channel One, Prince Fatty, Jared Dickinson as well as working on library music and computer games.

Nobody knows your tracks as well as you. Even if horns are new to you I'm sure you have an idea of the kind of thing you want. I will bring your ideas for brass to life and hope that they will even exceed your expectations.

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