Send - Use the online form to send a link to your track or just email it along with any, notes, reference tracks or guide parts you have.

Compose / Arrange – I'll listen to everything you've sent and make a plan. If we need to bounce ideas between us I'll record them along with mock ups of any full section parts so you get a good idea how your finished horns will sound. This way we can get everything right ahead of the final recording and cut down the amount of time we'll need any other horn players for.

Recording – I'll record all the horn parts that are needed to the highest possible standard in my studio and send you a mix so you can make sure everything is sounding right.

Revisions – If we need to make any tweaks or revisions I'll make them until you are 100% happy. Please note that if we're using other horn players it's best to get this done while I have them in the studio.

Horns – Once your 100% happy we've got what you need. I'll send you separate WAVs of all parts. Your track is now complete with horns.

Get in touch.